Admissions Consultation

University Technical College Cambridge (UTCC) - Admission arrangements for the academic year 2018/19.

A consultation with regards to changes to the Admissions Policy for admission to University Technical College Cambridge (UTCC) in September 2018 took place during the period Monday 5th December 2016 - Friday 27th January 2017.

Please see links below to the Chair of Governor's letter and the proposed policy.






The UTCC Interim Management Board (IMB) met on Thursday 23rd February to discuss the results of the consultation and confirmed one letter of objection was received. The issues raised in this letter are surmised below, together with the responses from the College.


1) The perception that UTCC would offer a narrow range of subjects to year 9 students.


College response: Governors are of the view that this is not the case. Year 9 would be a Foundation Year for the UTCC GCSEs. English Language and Literature will be taught as core subjects along with Maths and Sciences. Other subjects taught include Psychology and Geography. Languages would be offered as extra-curricular. The Executive Principal added that the curriculum continues to be Progress 8 compliant.


2) A challenge with regard to UTCC's 'poor track record for outcomes and standards'.


College response: Student outcomes and teaching, learning and assessment are good as confirmed by the September Ofsted visit. The December Ofsted monitoring visit reflects improvement (transformation) in safeguarding and attendance which were the areas of concern in the September visit.


3) A challenge that it does not seem prudent to be investing energies into recruiting additional students and making substantial modifications during a time of major change'.


College response: The PAN will, in fact, be reduced from 125 to 50 in year 10. The addition of 50 students to year 9 still keeps the new PAN at a lower level than previously.


The Executive Principal added that the proposals had been shared with the organisations with whom it is appropriate to share it.

The college responded to the letter of objection and the UTCC IMB have approved the proposed Admission Policy for the academic year 2018/19 without any amendments.

The Local Authority has been advised accordingly, in line with the 28th February deadline for determining admission arrangements.