L3 National Extended Diploma in Applied Science

Exam Board: Pearsons-Edexcel (Specification finishing July 2017)

Why Study BTEC L3 National Extended Diploma In Applied Science?

Applied Science takes existing scientific knowledge to develop it in a real world capacity. Imagine you are living in an isolated village in Africa and need to help the residents develop a reliable electricity source. Applied Science knowledge of materials, electricity and the effect of electricity upon humans if misused would be vital in developing a solution. This course is for those of you who love all branches of science and are not ready to specialise. Rest assured this courses is equivalent in subject content and difficulty to completing 3 A level courses and is recognised by universities.

BTEC At UTC Cambridge

At UTC Cambridge we believe in developing individuals to become independent, lifelong learners. This is achieved through a student centred curriculum that focuses on practical problem solving.

Where Can a BTEC L3 National Extended Diploma In Applied Science Take You?

This qualification makes you ideally suited to move on to either an apprenticeship or university. 90% of the students who enter university with BTEC qualifications receive a 1st or 2nd class degree.

“Vocational qualifications are becoming increasingly attractive to employers particularly as they encourage students to develop real-life, 21st century skills such as problem-solving and team work. They also play an important role in promoting social mobility. Our own research finds businesses either prefer new recruits to hold a mix of both academic and vocational qualifications, or value academic and vocational qualifications equally. Perhaps that’s why more students now go to university with a BTEC than ever before.”
Rod Bristow, President of Pearson’s UK business

Year 13 Units:

Unit 3: Scientific Investigation (Mandatory)

Unit 43: Diseases and Infections

Unit 27: Chemical Periodicity and its Applications

Unit 24: Principles of Plant Science

Unit 11: Physiology of Human Body Systems

Unit 17: Electrical Circuits and their Applications

Unit 13: Biochemistry and Biochmical Techniques

Unit 20: Medical Physics

Unit 44: Astronomy

Unit 22: Chemical Laboratory Techniques