One possible path forward as you move from UTC Cambridge is an Apprenticeship.

As employees of an organisation, apprentices earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Apprentices also receive training (usually on a day-release basis) to work towards nationally recognised qualifications.

Key benefits

  • earn a salary
  • get paid holidays
  • receive training
  • gain qualifications
  • learn job-specific skills



Levels of apprenticeship

The National Apprenticeship Service website has full details on how apprenticeships work and the latest vacancies.

In an advanced level apprenticeship, apprentices will work towards a Level 3 Competence Qualification, Functional Skills and, in most cases, a relevant knowledge based qualification.

In a Higher apprenticeship, apprentices work towards work-based learning qualifications such as a Level 4 Competence Qualification, Functional Skills and, in some cases, a knowledge-based qualification such as a foundation degree.