Our state of the art building opened in 2014 providing a fabulous learning and teaching facility. A sense of space is very important at UTC – the environment is free from crowding and clutter, with areas set aside for social time, quiet study, small group work and of course the classrooms, laboratories and lecture theatre offer dedicated purpose-built provision. 

Our independent learning spaces provide a flexible, hot desk office working environment encouraging students to develop professional working practices: planning your time and moving between individual desk work, lessons, briefings, seminars and practical work.

The contemporary dining area is very popular and serves breakfast, snacks and full, cooked lunches. Used by both students and staff  the atmosphere is lively and sociable. Set right at the heart of our campus it is quite different to a traditional educational dining facility.  

The campus is surrounded by a large outdoor recreation area with seats and tables exclusively for the use of UTCC students and staff. In addition we are fortunate to be able to use the sports and health facilities of adjacent Long Road Sixth Form College. 

Some areas of the site, including the lecture theatre are also available for private hire.
Interactive projectors are in every learning area and we have an impressive video wall in our lecture theatre, one of the largest lecture halls in Cambridge.   

Technology at the heart of our building

UTC Cambridge is truly at the leading edge when it comes to the application of technology in learning. We have one of the most technologically impressive teaching and learning facilities in the region. The industry standard cloud application, Microsoft 365, is used by staff and students as a communication, project management and resource sharing tool.

It is so important that students have an in-depth understanding of technology and that they also understand how it is used in a day-to-day environment. As a student at UTCC, your IT skills will be continually challenged as you learn to apply them in your everyday activity.

Computer banks are scattered throughout the campus and access for students is never an issue. On-site, students may also use UTC Cambridge owned wireless enabled devices and wired desktop computers – Windows and Apple – in the learning plaza, laboratories, computer suite and learning areas. All platforms are supported and students are encouraged to use what suits them best. Students can access the internet through their UTC Cambridge personal Wi-Fi account and through Eduroam.

Scientific Resources encourage exploration

We have three laboratories on site, each with a specialist purpose; engineering, physics and chemistry, and biology, and all fitted out with equipment that is stunning.  Students correctly recognise that it is a privilege to have access to these facilities and treat them accordingly.  Our business partners really enjoy working on site with us and often have access at UTCC to equipment that makes them a little jealous!

Communications that match the ambition

Our new Learning Possibilities platform integrates with MS 365 and students save and manage their OneNote communications to this platform.

Personal devices can be used anywhere in our building to access work and study resources.   Unlike many schools the use of phones and hand-held devices is strongly encouraged.  Unlike many schools we find that students use this freedom with maturity and value the immediacy they gain in being able to explore and research topics urgently – just as we all do in everyday life.

Using Eduraom to access Wi-Fi allows our students to take their learning into the workplace; around Cambridge City, the University, Cambridge Regional College and many of our employer and research partners’ premises.

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"The students are very lucky to have this and all that Cambridge can offer on their doorstep, and should take advantage of it."

 Lord Baker, Baker Dearing Educational Trust


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