Challenge projects

Through Challenge Projects students get a genuine chance to experience the excitement of professional science and technology.  They also have the opportunity to experience the range of careers available to them on graduating from UTC Cambridge and understand how to enter them.

Challenge Projects involve students working closely with practicing scientist and engineers from our partner organisations.  Each project lasts for around 9 weeks with the students spending between a day, to a day-and-a-half a week working with practicing scientists on a real world practical challenge. Through the projects students develop practical science skills and more general skills such as formal writing, teamwork, leadership and presentation skills to prepare them for the scientific work force.  This is achieved by participation in tailor made projects designed to really get the best out of students in our world class teaching facilities.


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You spend a whole day a week on project work with local companies - that is fantastic! Few colleges dedicate a whole day and more to project work – it really sets UTC Cambridge apart from the rest.”

Lord Baker, Baker Dearing Educational Trust


“It’s not easy, so it’s great to see they’ve really taken all the information in and got to see the reality of it all at our facility – they’ve got the real story and I’m very pleased to see they’ve reflected that in their projects”

Liz Pryke, MRC, on Year 10 Mouse House projects


Challenge Projects Slideshow Video