Learning at a UTC is a little bit different.

UTCs challenge students to think creatively and independently. By showing students just how much they can do with the knowledge and skills they can gain each day, UTCs inspire young people to stretch and extend their capabilities.

An integrated approach

Technical, academic and practical education are valued equally at a UTC. Academic subjects are linked to the technical specialisms and help students to understand their relevance in work. Students follow the well-established curriculum for GCSE, BTEC or A Levels but their studies are supported by extended activities and broad learning experiences.

Time spent on practical learning

Students spend at least 40% of their time on technical studies. This includes working on real-world projects and designing, developing and testing products and technologies. They are motivated and inspired by seeing how they can apply their academic and technical knowledge to designing and building 21st-century products and services.

Employer developed projects

Students work on termly projects that have been developed and set by employers. These have real relevance to the employer and include practical and theoretical elements. Students work in teams which helps to build their confidence and communication skills.

Employability skills

A UTC education equips students with essential soft skills including self-management, team
working, problem solving and customer awareness. Employers regularly mentor students, arrange visits to their premises and provide opportunities for work experience in a wide range of areas.

Guidance and advice on careers are integrated into all technical and academic subjects. Students can access one-to-one help if they wish to look at a career option in more detail. Employers, the university and other visitors also give talks to explain what their jobs and research involve.

An adult working day

UTCC days typically start at 8.30am and end at 4.30pm on all days except Wednesday when the day finishes at 3.30. Students generally do all their homework at school as each day includes private study periods.
During school hours, students are expected to dress and act professionally, as they would in the work place.

More time to learn in depth

The school year is 40 weeks and, with the longer day, provides the time students need to delve more deeply into their technical area of interest and to complete practical tasks.

Enrichment activities

All students take part in extracurricular activities linked to the technical specialisms, or in other areas such as sport, art or drama. Students at UTCC also have access to Long Road astroturf.



"The engagement of the students is something you cannot ignore. They clearly want to be here and are enjoying being here. Education and finding the right education is all about how the students really are when in the school. The students here reflect the enthusiasm that surrounds them."

Andrew Stevens