Partnerships with UTCC

UTC Cambridge is extremely fortunate to be associated with a number of high profile companies who are specialists in their fields. This allows both students and staff opportunities for co-working and real-life experience in the workplace. 

We have different levels of partnerships, enabling long-term relationships to be developed at a commitment level that suits each organisation.  Some partners support UTCC by working on Challenge projects with us, others through the commitment of human and financial resource and some purely through the generous donation of equipment or materials.

If you would like to know more about the potential and benefits of partnering with UTC Cambridge please contact Dr Alistair Easterfield who will be delighted to help.






"I am delighted to be working with UTC Cambridge. It is an excellent endeavour and good for all parties. Students are enthusiastic about being given the chance to explore the practical side of Science and we in industry benefit from helping develop our future employees.”

Simon Rudge, Babraham Institute