A Level Further Maths

OCR 3896

Students take a total of six modules to complete an A level in further Maths. There are two compulsory pure maths modules with another four optional modules including Pure, Further pure, Mechanics, Statistics, Decision Mathematics and Differential Papers. Some modules may include coursework components e.g. Core 3.

To study Further Mathematics you will need Grade A* GCSE Mathematics - High enthusiasm, apptitude beyond GCSE and self motivation.




Autumn term:

Decision 1(module 4771): Algorithms, Graph Theory, Network Algorithms: Prim; Kreskas; Dijkstra; Linear Programming, Critical Path Analysis and Simulation.

In addition, some topics from Further Pure 1 (FP1) (module 4755) will be covered: Introduction to Matrices and Complex Numbers, using matrices to solve simultaneous equations and transformation problems.

Spring term:

Unit FP1 is completed: Sequence and Series, proof by induction, relationships between roots of equations, rational inequalities, graphs of rational functions

And then Statistics 2(module 4767): Continuous Random Variables, the Normal Distribution, the Poisson Distribution, Sampling and Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Regression, Contingency Tables.

Summer term:

Prior to the exams, any small remaining parts of the course are completed, and then a period of revision is carried out.

After the exams are completed, a selection of topics from the A2 units are studied, ready for the next year.