A Level Geography (until July 2017)



We live in a constantly changing world. A Level geography investigates and explores, in part through your own research, the key ideas and hot topics of our early 21st century world. Have you ever considered the impacts our continued development is having on Planet Earth? Do you enjoy debating the current issues affecting our home? Are you worried about climate change?

Geography is a highly relevant and topical subject successfully bridging the divide between arts and science subjects. It is greatly valued by employers for the wide range of skills it helps develop, including problem solving and analysis, and a certain technical saviness through using various specialist computing applications. Also, the subject area in itself cultivates a world view and a certain cultural sensitivity. These all potentially help a geographer Geography University graduates are amongst the most successful in acquiring employment after finishing their studies.

In geography the more traditional aspects are included such as tectonics and hazards alongside global issues that face the world today including superpowers, globalisation and regenerating places. You will learn about the complex interaction between physical and human geography and the extent to which human actions can manage the future of our planets and its resources. This content, together with the development of high level skills and a range of fieldwork experiences (including a residential field trip), provides an excellent springboard for higher education or employment.

If you are curious about the world we live in, then this is the course for you. 

Assessment Method:

Unit 1: 1x 90 min exam (Shorter answer, Essay questions)

Unit 2: 1x 75 min exam (2x longer answer questions)

Unit 3: 1x 150 min exam (2x short answer Qs, 1x synoptic (general understanding)

Unit 4: 1x 90 min exam based on fieldwork and research (2x fieldtrips)

Topics Covered

Unit 1 Global Challenges: World at Risk (Natural Hazards/Climate Change)/Going Global (Globalisation/Migration)

Unit 2 Geographical Investigations: Extreme Weather/Rebranding Places


Unit 3 Contested Planet: Energy Security/Water Conflicts/Biodiversity under Threat/Superpower Geographies/Bridging the Development Gap/The Technological Fix?

Unit 4 Geographical Research: Cold Environments -Land and Change (Impacts of glaciation)

Why study Geography?
Suggested Texts:

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