Mathematics AS Level



Why study Maths?

A level in Maths provides students with the essential skills to reason and problem solve in a variety of context.  It delivers the foundation to further study subjects such as science and engineering.  The course is split up into six different modules.  Three of them are completed at AS and three of them are completed at A2.  The AS modules are core 1, core 2 and mechanics 1 and the A2 modules are core 3, core 4 and statistics 1.  The four core units look at topics in algebra, trigonometry, proofs and calculus.  Mechanics explores topics on forces, energy and motion while statistics covers probability, data handling and hypothesis testing.  All modules have equal weighting and are assessed through examination.




Autumn term:

C1 (module 4751): Logical argument and notation, Surds, Indices, Quadratics, Simultaneous Equations, Co-ordinate Geometry, Inequalities, Transformations, Circles.

Statistics 1 (module 4766): Working with Data, Averages, Probability, Permutations and Combinations.


Spring term:

C2 (module 4752): Differentiation, integration, trigonometry, sequences and series, the binomial expansion, exponentials and logarithms, factor and remainder theorems.

Statistics (continued): Binomial distribution, and Hypothesis Testing


Summer term:

During the summer the students will be starting on their A2 maths course.

Year 12 A level Teaching Programme (C1 and C2)

Year 13 A level Teaching Programme (C3 and C4)

Year 12 and 13 Teaching Programme (M1)


The assessment of AS Mathematics will involve three exam papers in total. One part of the assessment consists of two papers one for each Core Maths Advanced Module (One paper for Core 1, One paper for Core 2).

There is also another paper to assess the applied module i.e. Statistics. The three papers are sat in the middle of the summer term. There is no coursework.


All students have a login to ‘MEI Integral Resources’ providing a range of notes and examples, worksheets, interactive presentations and models, and assessments. We also use a number of textbooks including:

MEI Structured Mathematics: AS Pure Mathematics C1/C2 by Hanrahan/Matthews ISBN 978-0-340-81397-3

MEI Structured Mathematics Statistics 1 by Eccles/Francis. ISBN 978-0-340-81399-7

MEI Structures Mathematics Further Pure 1 (FP1) by Berry/Heard. ISBN 978-0-340-81460-4

MEI Structured Mathematics Decision 1 (D1) by Parramore/Stephens. ISBN 978-0-340-88853-7

MEI Structured Mathematics Statistics 2 (S2) by Davies/Eccles. ISBN 978-0-340-88853-7

MEI Structured Mathematics: A2 Pure Mathematics C3/C4 by Berry/Hanrahan/Porkess/Secker. ISBN 978-0-340-88851-3

Plus other equivalent textbooks for remaining units.