GCSE Further Mathematics

AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics (8360)

Students who  demonstrate both aptitude in Mathematics, and the ability to work at speed can join the accelerated Maths group and work towards a second GCSE.

We cover a great deal of the GCSE Mathematics material in Year 10 and then in Year 11, whilst maintaining skills in  core GCSE Maths, students can study for a second qualification equivalent to a GCSE.

The syllabus covers: Number, Algebra, and Co-ordinate Geometry (2 dimensions only), Calculus – differentiation, Matrices and Transformations, Geometry, all at a level beyond the core GCSE Maths.


The assessment is in the form of 2 examinations in the middle of the summer term at the end of Year 11.

Suggested Texts:

We provide student accounts in the e-learning Dynamic Learning environment by Hodder. This provides a wide variety of notes and examples, worksheets, interactive presentations and models, and assessments and also includes electronic versions of the textbook. We also allocate accounts for each student on mymaths.co.uk.

OCR GCSE Mathematics A -Higher Student's Book. ISBN: 9781444112795

OCR GCSE Mathematics A -Foundation Student's Book.ISBN: 978144411 2801